In 2021, Easy Credit 4 All IFN SA’s strategy was to strengthen as best as possible the internal regulatory framework, the internal control activity, as well as the management of the significant risks identified.

During the mentioned period, EASY CREDIT 4 ALL IFN S.A. worked to improve the internal regulatory framework in terms of the lending activity.

The significant risks identified, also provided for by the National Bank of Romania Regulation no. 20/2009: credit risk; operational risk (including uncontrollable risks, legal risk, IT risk and model risk); reputational risk; market risk; compliance risk. During 2021, the risks involved in the activity were monitored through the Risk Management Committee.

There were no events registered after 31.12.2021 that would lead to the adjustment of the company’s annual financial statements.

The main objective remains the development of a prudent lending activity, throughout efficient checking of repayment capacity and loans guarantee capacity of the clients.


In the report prepared for the year 2021, the following were analyzed:

ü the annual financial statements for the financial year ended on 31.12.2021, which include:

        balance sheet drawn up on 31.12.2021;

        profit and loss account;

        the statement of changes in equity;

        cash flow statement;

        explanatory notes.

ü the macroeconomic climate in 2021;

ü financial stability and the main risks and uncertainties at the macroeconomic level;

ü company management during 2021, including the main advisory committees established;

ü the lending activity of the company;

ü the structure of the shareholding and the evolution of the share capital and the number of shares;

ü aspects regarding professional training and personnel evaluation;

ü updates of internal regulations carried out during 2022;

ü the activity of the internal audit function;

ü the company’s patrimonial situation;

ü the activities carried out in the company during 2021, regarding the management of significant risks.

Also, the main development objectives, proposed by the company administrators, were presented for the short, medium and long term.