• General considerations

This policy defines the objectives, principles, terms and method of paying dividends as well as alternative ways of remunerating shareholders.

This policy represents the proposal of the Board of Directors, based on the history of the financial results obtained by the company, correlated with its development strategy and the interests of the shareholders, and can be revised including at the time of registering a significant change in market conditions.

The dividend policy practiced by EASY CREDIT 4 ALL IFN S.A. aims to maintain a balance between the remuneration of shareholders through dividends and the need for financing to achieve the main object of the company’s activity, namely the granting of new loans and thus maintaining the company’s future development potential, ensuring the long-term sustainable profitability of the activity for the benefit of increasing the value created for shareholders.

The main recipients and beneficiaries of the dividend policy are the company’s shareholders.


  • Shares issued by EASY CREDIT 4 ALL IFN S.A.


Each share held by a shareholder gives him the right to benefit from dividends for the completed financial year, in the amount and conditions established by the General Meeting of Shareholders.

Shares issued by EASY CREDIT 4 ALL IFN S.A. they are registered shares, with equal value and can be: ordinary shares or preferential shares, with priority dividend, without voting rights.

The ordinary shares held give the right to dividends and these are distributed to the shareholders holding ordinary shares in proportion to the participation quota in the paid-up social capital. All shareholders holding ordinary shares registered in the Register of Shareholders and Shares have the right to the approved dividends, the payment of dividends being carried out in accordance with the relevant legal provisions and the resolutions of the shareholders.

Preferential shares with priority dividend and without voting rights give the holder the right to a priority dividend taken on the distributable benefit of the financial exercise, before any other taking.

Preferential shares with priority dividend and without voting rights give the holder the rights recognized to shareholders with ordinary shares, except for the right to participate and vote, based on these shares, in the general meetings of shareholders.

Shares with priority dividend, without voting rights, cannot exceed one fourth of the share capital and will have the same nominal value as ordinary shares.

The representatives, administrators and censors of the company cannot be holders of shares with a priority dividend without the right to vote.

The level of the priority dividend is established by the General Meeting of Shareholders and its value is paid by the company in accordance with the contractual provisions related to each contract concluded with shareholders holding preferential shares with priority dividend without voting rights.


Preferred shares and ordinary shares may be converted from one category to another by the decision of the extraordinary general meeting of shareholders.

  • Dividends EASY CREDIT 4 ALL IFN S.A.


Dividend is the share of profit paid to each shareholder.

EASY CREDIT 4 ALL IFN S.A. dividends. is distributed from the distributable net profit according to the audited consolidated financial statements, after their approval by the Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders (AGOA), respectively, after the approval of the dividend distribution proposal from the Board of Directors, in proportion to the share in the share capital subscribed and paid for by the company.

Remunerating shareholders by distributing dividends or by reinvesting them can bring, in the medium and long term, additional benefits to shareholders.

Profit can be reinvested, when it is more efficient than being paid and taxed as dividends. The reinvested profit can be efficiently directed towards new investments, new instruments or towards increasing some allocations in investments already existing in the company’s portfolio and which promise sustainable higher returns and for the additional invested capital.

According to the provisions of the Fiscal Code in force and the rules of application of the Fiscal Code, the net value of the dividend per share will result from the application and withholding at source of the legal tax rate, appropriate for each group of shareholders.

Dividends are paid on the payment date approved by AGOA, by bank transfer, in RON.

The dividend distribution policy can be published on the EASY CREDIT 4 ALL IFN S.A. website.